How Your Finalists Were Chosen

So how were the finalists for the Cardiff Music Awards chosen?

Nominees were chosen based on their submission and not by popularity. They were marked against a criteria available from the time the nominations opened. This criteria was never altered and was included in the nomination form from the start. All nominees were shortlisted due to the merit of their submissions.

You can still read the criteria at

Submissions were judged on their description, what made them unique in Cardiff, their achievements in 2016, their plans for 2017 and a link to their work.

Who chose the finalists?

The submissions were marked by three members of the Cardiff Music Awards team who for the most part were unaware of the submissions beforehand and so in fact had a better perspective on the merits of the submissions. Any conflict of interest with the submissions were avoided by having another member of the team mark said submission.

Why did you ask people to nominate themselves?

We asked people to submit themselves because:
a) not many people would want to fill in five detailed questions about someone else
b) potential nominees will know the most about themselves and so provide the most information to be judged
c) it’s important to know what your redeeming qualities are.

Was there anything added or removed to the submissions?

No submissions were added to fill out categories. No submissions were removed because we didn’t think they deserved to be in the category. Submissions were only disqualified if they didn’t fit the criteria.

Who is behind the awards?

There is no faceless entity behind the awards. The awards were started in 2015 as a lone project by Ed Townend, unfortunately they failed in 2016 to get going again and in conjunction with River and Bear made the decision for 2017′s awards to go ahead as they are. The original plan for the awards was to celebrate our city’s music scene and that is still our top priority.

So what’s next?

Voting is now open. Public votes are open until the 30th March at 12am. There is also a judging panel of music industry peers and experts as well as nominees from 2015. These judges will be listed before the ceremony and after their votes are submitted. Winners will be announced at a live awards show at Tramshed Cardiff on the 30th March from 6.30pm.

You can vote now at and get in touch with us at if you have any more questions.


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