Sponsor Spotlight | Fine Rolling Media

For our next Sponsor Spotlight we’d like to present to you the award winning Fine Rolling Media. As a local, up and coming, video production company, they’ve been making waves recently with their unique, emotive and beautifully shot content. Not only have they been kind enough to be a sponsor, they will also be taking care of the filming and editing of this years ceremony. An interesting company who seems destined for great things, we thought we’d reach out to head honcho Kristian Kane and find out more.

For those who don’t already know, can you start by giving us a brief overview of who you are, what you do and why you do it?

“My name is Kristian Kane, I’m 25 and from Llantwit Major South Wales. I’m the Executive Director of the video production company Fine Rolling Media. We create films for just about everything. Music Videos, Short Films, Corporate films, and documentaries. I do this, simply because I love it. I love the freedom of doing what I want to do, whenever I want to do it. I do it for the love of inspiring the next generation of filmmakers and entrepreneurs, and I do it because I love to share peoples stories. Whether that be to help sell a product or sell an individual (as a brand). I just love capturing the client’s imagination with a concept and bringing it to reality.”

What sort of clients do you work with?

“We’re lucky to work with a massive variety of clients … corporate, music, lifestyle, events etc. Each of them brings their own aspirations to a Fine Rolling collaboration, and we love seeing their reactions after each project as we transform their bespoke video into something beyond their initial expectations.”

The industry space you occupy is highly contested. What do you think sets you guys apart from the competition?

“I think it’s the overall look of our brand and videos. I feel the way we shoot, and the way we conduct ourselves with clients really sets us apart. Our customer interaction is second to none. Once our clients are on board with us – we keep them. We make sure all of our time and energy goes into each project, no matter how big or small. Every client feels like a million bucks.”

Tell us a bit about the awards you’ve won.

“We have won awards for music videos, fictional short films, and documentaries. Our most recent award was for Best Documentary, 2018 at The Harrogate Film Festival for our film, Royal- a documentary on WW2 veteran Ted Owens and his journey around the modern day commando barracks.”

How important is music in the content you produce?

“Music is EVERYTHING. Finding the perfect soundtrack or song is something we often spend the most time agonizing over in post-production! Any composers reading this, if you’re up for collaborating, get in touch!!”

Why did you want to get involved in the CMA’s?

I love music and I love my city. It’s a great opportunity to help promote some of the outstanding talents that we have in Wales, and we need to support local! There are so many musicians out there that could make it big time, these events help get them noticed. We are honored to help in some way.

Which acts will you be supporting?

All of them!!!!


Check out their work on their website.

By Owain Hepple