Sponsor Spotlight – University Of South Wales

Since 2017 we have been working with the University of South Wales to provide marketing and events experiences to their students who work alongside us as interns at the Cardiff Music Awards

Lucy Squire, who is head of the Music & Sound courses at USW, says of the awards: “The Cardiff Music Awards provide an opportunity to celebrate talent & shout about it to the world. The opportunity to gain experience with the awards has been a starting point for many student careers in event management and the live industry”.

In our first year we worked with Connie Rivera (pictured above), who went on to take a role within River & Bear (the marketing company attached to the awards) as well as working as an assistant in our second year. Connie went on to co-found BORDR Management and graduated from USW with a first class degree. We asked her some questions about Cardiff, her role and what she has done since last year.

What do you think of Cardiff and it’s music scene?
Cardiff is a city with a heart and soul of its own. Its music scene is very proud, very active and protective of what it means culturally to the city and Wales as a whole. I’ve seen incredible talent emerging in every genre and have come to love and learn about so much music. It’s been amazing to watch musicians reach different levels of success over the years. I think the city has a lot of potential for growth if they allow themselves to collaborate with bigger markets.

How did you find out about the music awards? What were your perceptions of it at the time?
I saw the posters in the street in 2017 then went to look them up online. I had no idea if they were a new thing or if they’d been going on for a while, but they looked exciting and I wondered why seeing the posters was the first time I heard about them.

What did you do when working for the music awards? Were there any highlights? 
I worked on administrative tasks for a couple week prior to the event. These included planning social media posts, emailing promoters/performers/speakers, creating spreadsheets, contact lists etc. I did a promo run across Cardiff, going to local stores to ask if we could have posters at their establishments. Finally, on the day of the event, I worked as a runner during my first year, and social media live updates in my second. The highlight was the event itself, it was very rewarding to watch so much hard work come to life, and I met some amazing people through it.

What did you take away from the music awards?
I learned about the madness of the live industry, how it’s unpredictable, a little crazy, and you have to be prepared to provide a solution for any thing that could go wrong. It’s as stressful as it is exciting. 

What did you do next?
I graduated from uni at USW, moved on to do my MA at Berklee College of Music and I’m working as an intern for a management company in London.