With Independent Venue Week just around the corner and in light of recent events… the Cardiff Music Awards team have decided to delve into discussing the importance of grassroot music venues and how they can form and sustain the local music scene, and have listed a few of the many reasons as to why we should be supporting our local independent music venues.

Everyone needs to start from somewhere and all established musicians have begun from playing at the grassroot venues. Where are we expecting our next big artists/bands to start if not in our local venues?

They offer gig opportunities despite your genre, fanbase, social media presence or style. In these venues everyone’s welcome to perform and showcase their talent to the public giving a chance for all music lovers to discover their new favourites.

As long there are grassroot music venues, there’s history, there’s memories and there’s music we are able to pass to our future generations. It’s crucial to protect these venues in the name of our local and national cultural heritage.

For every £10 spent at a Grassroots music venue, £17 is spent elsewhere in the night time economy, supporting bars, restaurants, public transport etc. (Source:

These venues give opportunities to everyone in the industry, from promoters, events managers, venue managers, music journalists to artist managers. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and mostly it’s the grassroot venues that encourage this.

Cardiff Music Awards aims to give recognition and support to the individuals who are running these venues in our community. You can do your bit to support local venues too! Nominations for the Cardiff Music Awards 2020 are still open until the end of this week, why not put in a nomination for the who you think is the best independent venue?

If you want to keep the music scene alive and support local talent then send your nominations our way!

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